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NANO Foot Roller
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NANO Foot Roller

Roll Relief From Plantar Fasciitis and Other Foot Pain with Nubby NANO Foot Roller! Great for Sore Forearms Too! Read More
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Available in two densities, regular (Orange) and extra-firm (Black).

Experience fast relief from Plantar Fasciitis and other foot pain with the innovative NANO Foot Roller! Like a therapist's fingertips, the nubby foam surface channels blood flow and nutrients directly to the tissue, flushing out lactic acid and waste products. Effectively increases flexibility and relieve aches and pain associated with arthritis and tendonitis. Also helps relieve forearm pain from overuse of a computer mouse or keyboard. Use while seated or standing — unique textured surface gently massages away your discomfort for improved health and mobility. Lightweight, portable design lets you slip it into your bag to take to the office, gym or traveling for welcome relief wherever you are!

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