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No-Blind-Spot Mirror
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No-Blind-Spot Mirror

Drive Safely; Avoid Accidents — With The No-Blind-Spot Mirror Actually Used By NASCAR Racers! Read More
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Driving on our highways, you know it's possible to check your mirrors every minute or two and still miss the approach of a speeding auto. Especially if they pull alongside and hover in your blind spot! Unfortunately, standard rearview and side mirrors only give you a limited field of view. Instead, clip on our patented No-Blind-Spot Mirror, used by NASCAR Racers and Police Departments, for a seamless and distortion-free, panoramic image of everything surrounding your car — right, left and center at the same time, without turning your head. So you won't be ambushed by a careening car as you merge into traffic! Installs easily without tools or adhesives; shatterproof. (15 3/4"W x 2 3/4"H x 3/4"D).

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