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OOFOS Women's Comfort Recovery Sandal
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OOFOS Women's Comfort Recovery Sandal

Your Feet Take a Beating — Cradle Them in OOFOS Sandals for Women With Impact Absorbing Comfort for Quick Recovery From Your Daily Grind! Read More
Item #: LS155
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We're often unaware of the stress and pounding we subject our feet to, until the end of the day when they're dead tired and throbbing! Although athletic shoes are designed to spring you forward during your activities, they're not made to cushion your feet and absorb shock afterward — but OOFOS are! Biomechanically engineered to alleviate the foot stress and soreness caused by your daily grind, slip into a pair and you'll immediately feel sweet relief! Revolutionary foam technology enables your foot to flex the way nature intended, absorbing 37% more of the impact than traditional footwear foam, reducing stress on your weary feet and whole body. Unlike flip-flops, the OOFOS patented footbed cradles your arches to take the pressure off your ankles, knees, hips and lower back. Moisture and bacteria-resistant closed cell foam is shower-ready, machine washable and so light, they float! Perfect for casual wear, recovery after a grueling run, or simply relaxing after a long day on the course, OOFOS footwear truly makes your hard-working feet feel better! Imported.

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