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Opinel No. 8 Chaperon Knife
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Opinel No. 8 Chaperon Knife

Crafted in France for Over 125 Years and Honored as One of the Best Designed Objects in the World — Opinel Knives Deliver Pure Cutting Precision for Exceptional Everyday Carry! Read More
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In 1890, within his father's humble blacksmith shop in the heart of the French Alps, Joseph Opinel invented the knife that has become a design icon throughout the world! Joseph had the idea of making a series of knives, suitable to different hand sizes, or for various tasks. Numbered from 1 to 12, the blades ranged from just over 1 inch up to 5 inches long. Simple yet robust, Opinel Knives have just five parts: handle, blade, pivot pin, clamping band, and the patented stainless steel 'Virobloc' collar — locks the knife open and closed. The versatile No. 8 has a 3¼" blade — small enough to keep in your pocket, but tackles any cutting task with ease. A perfect everyday carry, they continue to be faithfully crafted with the same traditional aesthetics and functionality — essential values that have put them in the pockets of the greatest artists and adventurers including Pablo Picasso, Alain Colas and Jean-Louis Etienne. Every Opinel blade is stamped with the Crowned Hand — the blessing hand of Saint Jean-Baptiste, and the crown of King Charles IX of France to signify it's trustworthy quality. One of the most enduring designs of all times, Opinel is exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and was recognized by the Victoria and Albert Museum as one of the 100 best designed objects in the world — a list which includes the Rolex® watch and the Porsche® 911!

No. 8 Chaperon — Designed by renowned French woodworker Bruno Chaperon, the compact Opinel No. 8 is the most versatile size in the modern line of Opinel folding knives. Chaperon developed and patented the handle's intricate "sinusoidal" marquetry design — a stunning technique that assures every knife is a unique piece you'll be proud to own, and will undoubtedly want to show off. Double polished to a mirror-finish, Opinel Sandvik 12C27-MOD stainless steel blade contains at least 0.40% carbon for pure cutting precision without any special maintenance. Please note that since each knife is unique it will likely vary from the photo. Woods used in crafting each unique piece include, but are not limited to Ebony, Rose Wood, Violet Wood, Box Wood, Olive Wood, and Walnut. 57-59 HRC. Includes soft sheath. Gift boxed for giving. Measures 7½" open; weighs approximately 1.6 oz. Made in France.

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