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Packable Panama Hat
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Packable Panama Hat

Found on the 4th Hole, Our Sun-Protecting Packable Panama is So Comfortable, You May Forget You're Wearing It! Read More
Item #: JS843
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On a recent golf trip to Myrtle Beach, I realized I'd failed to pack a hat to protect myself from the harsh mid-day sun. My friend handed me a rolled up hat from his golf bag — a handsomely woven Panama immediately popped into shape! Worked like a charm and kept the sun off my face and neck through 14 more holes! After our round, I simply flattened the hat, rolled it up and secured it with the leather band — and knew I needed to offer it to our discerning customers. Exclusive to Herrington, our Packable Panama is expertly crafted from Carludovica Palmata (commonly known as the "Panama hat palm") by artisans in Ecuador (surprisingly, where Panama Hats originated!). They're then finished in a 4th generation hat factory in neighboring Massachusetts, where each hat is blocked, shaped and treated to repel water, oil and stains. Long-lasting, lightweight and perfect for travel or a day at the beach — you'll be protected from the sun's damaging rays in true, tropical style!

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