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ParkSmart - X-Large (9' x 20')
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ParkSmart - X-Large (9' x 20')

ParkSmart Catches Gallons of Melting, Leaking Liquids — Keeps Garage Floors Spotless, and Your House Clean! Read More
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Place a custom-fit ParkSmart under each vehicle in your garage, and you'll never walk through grease, sand, salt, or slush again. Made of thick, rugged vinyl with a 1" raised Snap-On Edge. ParkSmart is the garage-floor protector that you drive onto, so it surrounds your whole car. That means that oil leaks, melting snow, and wheel-well sludge falls on ParkSmart, not on your floor. And with a raised lip to contain run off, you won't have to walk through a pool of slush to get to the house. Depending on which size your vehicle requires, more than 50 gallons of crud can be contained behind the raised edge. And it's easy to clean with either a Wet/Dry Shop Vac, or simply squeegee out the garage door. Oils and grease wipe right off ParkSmart's waterproof, non-flammable, oil-impervious vinyl surface. So your concrete floor remains clean and free of grit, salt damage and oil stains.

Please select a size that will achieve at least a 6-12" border around your car.

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