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Password Vault
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Password Vault

Keep All of Your Account Information, Log-Ins, and Passwords Organized in One Easy-to-Use, Secure Device — Can't be Hacked! Read More
Item #: E1104
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Between e-mail log-ins, online shopping, online banking, ATM, and work — I probably have 50 different passwords and accounts that I need to remember. And of course they all have their own special requirements, so it seems like no two passwords are ever the same! Now instead of scribbling critical information on scrap paper or storing it on my computer (big NO-NO!), I keep all of my account information and passwords in one secure location. With Password Vault, I just enter the account information once, and it's always easily accessible. One Master PIN provides access to the Vault, but if someone enters an incorrect PIN number five consecutive times, Password Vault automatically locks for 30 minutes to protect your data. And best of all, because it isn't connected to the internet, it can't be hacked! Full QWERTY keyboard makes entering data a snap, and you can also enter numbers, symbols or use Caps Lock. Screen may be backlit for increased visibility. Stores up to 400 accounts with Search functionality for easy lookup. Runs on 3 AAA batteries (included). 4.8"W x 3.5"H x 1"D.

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