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Pawleys Island DuraCord Presidential Hammock
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Pawleys Island DuraCord Presidential Hammock

Escape Into Exceptional Relaxation — The Original Pawleys Island Hammock, Created by Cap'n Josh and Still Made in the USA! Read More
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Back in 1889, after failing yet again to get a good night's sleep, Captain Joshua John Ward had an idea. Exhausted after ferrying rice and cargo all day from South Carolina plantations to the port near his Pawleys Island home, he'd spent too many muggy nights tossing and turning on sweaty, grass-filled mattresses used on river boats in those days. Out of desperation, he tried sleeping in a hammock, but the cramped canvas slings or knotty rope hammocks used by sailors were no better. After several experiments, Cap'n Josh created a comfortable cotton roped hammock in a double-latch weave where individual ropes pulled against each other in a strong, lattice-like design — a huge improvement. But his greatest invention was the spreader bar he crafted from oak barrel slats to hold the hammock wide and keep the knots away for a cool, comfortable sleep. His design became the template for the classic American hammock! Today's Pawleys Island Hammock has hardly changed from Cap'n Josh's time, and his business produces one of the best-known hammock brands in history — still handmade in their South Carolina workshop!
Quality — The folks at Pawleys Island Hammocks feel honor-bound to carry on their founder's exceptional tradition of quality and craftsmanship. To ensure this level of excellence they even make their own rope! Starting with miles of quality yarns, they machine wind it, then precision-twist and balance it — the resulting rope is even stronger than exacting U.S. military standards demand. These Hammocks are made with DuraCord® — soft as cotton but quick-drying, mold, mildew and fade resistant, cleans easily and it won't rot! Color is infused as the strands are being made, making it exceptionally fade-resistant. And Pawleys doesn't skimp on their rope, averaging 50% heavier than most ordinary rope hammocks! The holes on their sturdy oak spreader bars are closer than others too so it's a stronger, more stable and much more comfortable hammock. Even the hardware is weather-tough — zinc-plated hanging chains and O-rings are among the heaviest and safest in the industry. Each hammock must pass a final physical inspection before the Pawleys Island name is added to ensure quality and your complete satisfaction! Come to Pawleys Island, were relaxation isn't just an idea, it's a whole way of life! Includes 2 tree hooks. Presidential Hammock fits 3 or more people, measures 65" x 82"; 13' total length; weighs 16 lbs. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery. Made in USA.

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