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Pig Tail BBQ Tool Set
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Pig Tail BBQ Tool Set

Flip Food Fast, Without Mauling Your Meat or Dropping Your Dog — Pig Tail Tools Work With Just a Flick of the Wrist! Read More
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Pig Tail's stainless steel shaft ends in a sharp, spiral snare that lightly pierces the edge of almost any food you'd likely grill, sauté, fry, roast, or cook on the griddle. Just an imperceptible flick of the wrist and voilà, the food is flipped! Pig Tail doesn't scrape up a thick layer of grill grease like spatulas, won't drop your hot dogs like tongs, and won't cause steaks to give up their juices like a fork. Works great with bacon, steak, chicken, ribs, hot dogs, shrimp and vegetables — even French Toast! Larger 19" Pig Tail keeps your hand from getting scorched over a hot barbecue, smoker or while reaching into the oven; 12" Piglet works brilliantly for more delicate stovetop sautéing. Dishwasher safe ABS handle makes clean up a breeze and is easily held in either the right or left hand. Both sizes are included in a handsome wood storage case — makes a thoughtful gift for your favorite cook or grill master! Surgical-grade stainless steel shafts.

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