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Pikolinos Men's Lake Como Stratos Driving Mocs
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Pikolinos Men's Lake Como Stratos Driving Mocs

Discovered at Lake Como — Europe's Coolest Driving Mocs! Read More
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Pikolinos was founded in Spain 30 years ago by Juan Peran Ramos, whose personal enthusiasm for vintage sports cars inspired the creation of these dramatic driving mocs. Renowned throughout Europe for the precision of its hand-stitching and unbelievable softness of its naturally tanned leathers — Pikolinos slip on and mold to your foot like a slipper, but provide the support and comfort of the world's best walking shoes. Split tread wraps up the heel to put traction where you most need it while driving aggressively. Softer and more flexible than any shoe you've worn, giving you incredible feel for the pedals, and correspondingly finer control of your automobile. The Stratos cleverly mimics the classic look of a lace-up shoe, but in fact the "laces" are elastic for an easy-on yet snug fit — and they never need tying! Softly upholstered, glove-leather lining means you're equally comfortable with or without socks, in or out of the car — European finesse at its finest!

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