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Police Pepper Spray
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Police Pepper Spray

Carry the Same Non-Lethal Weapon Used by Police — Protects You From Mobs, Muggers and Thugs. Read More
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Carry Police Pepper Spray on your keyring, or in your pocket or purse. Keep another next to your bed to protect your family from the humiliation and dangers of physical assault — safely. Manufactured to professional law enforcement standards, and in fact recommended to me by my nephew, Lee, the police officer. He's 6'5", 230 pounds, and nobody you want to mess with. But he won't go on the streets without it clipped to his belt. A lightweight, machined-aluminum tube conceals the world's smallest one-piece, seamless aerosol can, filled with Police-Strength (i.e. two million Scoville Heat Units) Oleoresin Capsicum (derived from natural red peppers). Engineered for fail-safe operation in life-threatening encounters. Patented dispensing system includes quick-release safety lock which eliminates the chance of accidental discharge, but which can be rapidly armed with your thumb. Then, just press the plunger to release a devastating cone of pepper spray into the face of your attacker. Highly inflammatory properties force the eyes to shut, while causing an intense stinging sensation to the skin, throat, and nose. The result is total incapacitation lasting for up to 45 minutes, leaving no permanent injury, yet giving you ample time to escape. Regrettably, it's the equalizer you may need for self protection in an increasingly violent society. Includes one "heat" (active) spray insert and one "test" (inert) for safe training! Warning, keep away from children. Do not take on airlines as they consider it a concealed weapon! (5" long.)

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