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PowerBreather Air System
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PowerBreather Air System

Swimmers — Breathe as Naturally In the Water as On Land! PowerBreather Supplies Optimum Oxygen, Without Turning Your Head! Read More
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Whether you're a hardcore triathlete, a conscientious lap swimmer, or simply enjoy the challenge of open water, PowerBreather will change the way you swim! Relied on by top athletes, this innovative system draws in an abundance of fresh, oxygen-rich air through parallel channels (D-Tubes), while specially developed diffusers reliably keep water out. Patented quick-valve technology allows natural exhalation through the mouthpiece as water is again blocked from entering — with no need to blow out annoying liquids! Because you'll no longer need to turn your head to breathe, your neck and shoulder muscles are more relaxed, resulting in a steady, forward motion with powerful, symmetrical arm strokes! Includes 2 sets of Speedvents; regular for pools and still water, longer for swimming deeper or in choppy waves. Award-winning German design features a ratcheting twist-lock system for a comfortable, secure fit. Perfect for swimmers at all performance levels, as well as recreational snorkeling — ideal for technique, endurance and respiratory muscle training too! Includes 2 standard and 2 extended Speedvents, 2 Flip Caps (for Flip Turns) and zippered storage case. Measures 14.4" x 7.8" x 1.5"; weighs 7.8 oz.

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