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Precision Rubber Band PPK Straight Shooter
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Precision Rubber Band PPK Straight Shooter

Release Your Inner James Bond for Some Good Old-Fashioned Fun With Our Cool PPK Rubber Band Gun — Crafted from Handsome, Durable Hardwood, and Guaranteed to Fire Flawlessly! Read More
Item #: E127
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Whether you're enforcing elastic justice, taking out annoying flies, or perfecting your target shooting skills, our Precision Straight Shooters launch rubber bands faster, farther and in unmistakable style! Crafted with superior materials and attention to detail, the body is 100% durable Hard Rock Maple, with handsome Walnut grips — no plastic mechanisms to break, so it's destined to last for generations! Simply load the "ammo" from the bottom slot up to flawlessly fire over and over again. Designed by a self-proclaimed "dirt-poor" American college student who needed a Christmas gift for his younger brother — guaranteed fun, no electronics required!
Modeled after the classic Walther handgun made famous by Ian Fleming's James Bond in the 1962 film Dr. No, our PPK Semi-Automatic Straight Shooter is designed to shoot 5 rubber bands in rapid fire succession! Fast and easy to load and shoot — fires up to 20 feet for fun target contests and more! Makes a great gift for all ages! Includes 50 Green (color coded to model) heavy-duty rubber bands. Weighs 3.5 oz.; measures 6" x 3.6" x 1".

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