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Preston Wool Ivy Cap
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Preston Wool Ivy Cap

Enhance Your Fall Wardrobe With Effortless Elegance — KANGOL's Preston Ivy Cap Adds a Dash of Posh Style! Read More
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Born in Britain, KANGOL® has been crafting headwear with an eye to quality and style since 1938. Founder Jacques Spreiregen created the KANGOL name combining the 'K' from knitting, 'ANG' from angora, and 'OL' from wool. The KANGOL Preston Wool Ivy continues the iconic, original Kangol Cap design, first introduced in 1954. Crafted with breathable, seamless 100% Pure New Wool — keeps your head warm and protected while providing the ultimate in comfort and style. 360° smooth elastic band keeps the Preston Cap comfortably secure on your head, and you looking elegant and refined all day! Imported. 100% Wool. 2" brim.

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