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Rake Sand Wedge
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Rake Sand Wedge

Get Your Short Game Back on the Rails — Dual Bounce System Cleanly Combs Through Sand and Rough With Ease! Read More
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The touring pros only hit the greens in regulation about 65% of the time, so even reasonably skilled golfers are doing well to hit 50%. When we miss, we're left staring down a tight pin from nasty rough, or worse, blasting out of a gaping bunker, praying a dreaded skull isn't going to take out a playing partner! The Rake Sand Wedge is the most ingenious design I've ever seen, endorsed by 2014 PGA Teacher of the Year Kathy G-Jensen. Patented four rail system combines 10 degrees of sole bounce with 26 degrees of entry rail bounce for thin lies and treacherous sand. Stability at impact is the key to any bunker or flop shot from thick rough. While a traditional wedge will naturally grab and twist if the attack angle isn't perfect, the Rake's four rails prevent twisting or turning, by channeling sand or grass equally across the sole. An advanced on-set leading edge enters the hitting area sooner than a traditional wedge, increasing acceleration with a shallower angle of attack. Plenty of loft (56 degrees) for high lob shots from 50 yards or delicate greenside saves. Milled grooves provide spin in all conditions. Conforms with USGA rules.

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