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Rechargeable Roadside Safety Flare
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Rechargeable Roadside Safety Flare

Be Safe in an Emergency! Blazing Bright Magnetic LED Roadside Safety Flare is Visible From More Than Half a Mile Away! Read More
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Your car breaks down on a busy highway or you get a flat on a dark country road — now what? Be sure you're safe and seen with our LED Roadside Safety Flare! This compact, hockey puck sized dynamo emits 360° of ultra-bright red light from an array of 16 LEDs, visible from more than half a mile at night, and from 10,000 feet in the air! Simply press the button to turn on and choose from 9 flash patterns (including SOS, Alternating, Fast or Slow Blink) so distracted drivers see you and emergency personnel won't miss you! Watertight and hermetically sealed so it's totally safe to use in all environments and weather conditions — it even floats! Four LEDs centered on the battery-powered model provide bright white light — perfect for changing that flat or walking along a dark road. Rechargeable model works for up to 12 hours on a dependable 800 mAh Li-Ion battery. Super rugged with a powerful, built-in magnet for easy attachment — keep one in your car, boat and backpack so you'll always be seen and found fast! Includes USB cable, USB Wall Charger, and 12V Car Charger. 4¼" diameter.

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