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Rescue Pouch - Smartphones & MP3 Players
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Rescue Pouch - Smartphones & MP3 Players

Phone Fell In Water? Save It Fast, Before it's Too Late! Read More
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Water starts to corrode delicate electronic circuitry upon contact, so the faster it's removed, the better! Our Electronics Rescue Pouch draws water from the tiniest crevices inside your phone, tablet or camera using industrial strength beads that suck up water like a sponge, and permanently traps it to prevent further damage! Molecular Beads contain microscopic, precision-engineered pores that specifically target water molecules seven times faster than home remedies — proven to revive dead-in-the-water electronics in as little as 24 hours! Use Rescue Pouch daily to remove accumulated moisture from exposure to weather, sweat, and shower steam — prolongs your device's life! Can last up to several months for daily use or a couple of soaked recoveries; blue indicator beads turn grey when they need replacing so you always get full absorption power. Keep one handy in your car, gym bag or boat and be ready for any electronics emergency! Interior Pouch dimensions: 5.25" x 7"; gusseted bottom.

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