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Roadster Duster
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Roadster Duster

Cleans and Polishes Your Car in Under 2 Minutes! Read More
Item #: R100
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With our long-handled Roadster Duster, you can bring your car back to just-washed perfection without a bucket, sponge, and hose. Just a few strokes along trunk, hood, fenders and roof, and Roadster Duster picks up dust and loose road grime.

Thousands of 3" long, soft cotton fibers treated with a gentle water-based paraffin/wax solution attract and remove dust particles without scratching paint, plastic or chrome. Oversize brush with 11" handle lets you do your entire car in under 2 minutes. So you can enjoy a cleaner car, more often, with longer intervals between washings. Duster head color may vary.

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