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Savino Wine Preservation Decanter
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Savino Wine Preservation Decanter

With Savino, You No Longer Have to Choose Between Finishing Your Bottle or Wasting It — Preserves Wine for Up to a Week! Read More
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For years, one contraption after another has promised to preserve wine, in a variety of ways. Most made far better conversation pieces than they did effectively work to preserve my wine. Fortunately, the solution has finally arrived in the form of Savino — a product designed with wine lovers in mind. Savino takes a decidedly new approach to preserving wine. Now you can open even your most expensive, cherished bottles with confidence, knowing that if you do not finish the entire bottle, you don't have to dump the remainder down the drain (what a waste!). So you can open a bottle on Saturday evening, and enjoy the full original flavor the following Friday night. Unlike many failed approaches, Savino doesn't try to control the environment of an opened bottle of wine. Instead, it creates an entirely new environment for your wine, one that's also elegant, and simple to use. After enjoying a glass or two, simply pour the remaining wine from your bottle into Savino. Insert the ingenious float, creating a barrier between your wine, and oxygen in the air. Top it off with the lid, to create a spill proof seal. That's it! Savino will preserve the delicate bouquet, balance, and flavor for a full week. When it's time to pour yourself another glass, the float automatically adjusts to your pouring angle, seamlessly transitioning from storing to pouring. Will store easily on your counter, or in the refrigerator. 750ml Made in the USA..

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