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Savory Meats Flameless Grill Smoker
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Savory Meats Flameless Grill Smoker

Enhance the Flavors of Your Grilled Meats With Our Stainless Steel Smoker — Produces Smoke in Minutes without Flames! Read More
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Most of us relish the added flavor of smoked meats at your local butcher shop or deli. Now you can capture that same great taste from your own grill — no standing in line! This 304 Stainless Steel, patented smoker can be used with gas, charcoal or electric grills and can be placed directly on top of gas burners or hot coals. The eight S-shaped vents on the lid allow just enough oxygen to produce a great deal of smoke, but not enough for the wood chips inside to ignite into flames. This allows your meat to absorb as much smoky flavor as possible in a short period of time. Unlike traditional smokers that will only smoke for 15 minutes before they burn up the chips, our smoker will produce smoke for up to an hour. Includes a 13" removable, Brazilian hardwood handle grip that allows you to place the smoker directly on the heat source without burning your arm hairs off! 14" L x 2.5" W x 1.75" D. Weighs 1.33 lbs.

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