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ShoeZap Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizers
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ShoeZap Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizers

Destroy Nasty Germs that Cause Diabetic Foot Infections, Athlete's Foot and Stinky Feet in Minutes with Proven UV Light Technology! Read More
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Because they are warm, dark and damp, shoes create the perfect conditions for bacteria, fungus and allergens to thrive — germs that cause athlete's foot, fungal nails and even diabetic infections, not to mention putrid smelling feet! Destroy those nasty germs and find relief by keeping your shoes microscopically clean and odor free with ShoeZap Sanitizers! Clinically proven technology uses Ultraviolet-C light to destroy pathogens that could infect (and re-infect!) your feet, without potentially toxic chemical sprays or messy powders. This germ-killing UV-C light technology has been utilized for years in hospitals and to sanitize drinking water. Easy, safe and effective, simply place Sanitizers in shoes, place in UV-proof bags, power 'on' and in 15 minutes your shoes are disinfected. Automatically shuts off when the cycle is complete, leaving your shoes sanitized and ready to wear! Nicely boxed; includes 2 Shoe Sanitizers (1 pair), 2 protective shoe bags, and A/C power adapter.

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