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Single Humidor Tube
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Single Humidor Tube

Ingenious Individual Humidor Keeps Your Cigar Fresh — Even Infuses It With Your Favorite Flavor! Read More
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Whether you're a dedicated cigar aficionado, or simply enjoy an occasional stogie after dinner or on the golf course, you know keeping cigars properly humidified is crucial in maintaining their peak freshness and distinctive flavor. Keep your cigars fresh and moist, yet completely portable with our Cigar Cork Tube — a revolutionary storage, transport, humidification and flavoring system that uses a patent-pending technology to ensure cigars are cared for on an individual basis! You'll no longer need a variety of humidors dedicated to different brands to keep flavors from mingling. Each reusable Tube is made of shatter-resistant commercial grade acrylic (10x stronger than glass) and topped with a Cigar Cork top, with a moisture core inside. Using the included medical-grade applicator, simply apply a few drops of water to the moisture core and seal the Tube. Moisture is gradually released as your cigar is protected in the air-tight, pressurized environment — keeps your expensive cigar fresh for months, and will even revitalize stale ones! For an added layer of unique flavor, apply a few drops of your favorite wine or liquor (cognac, rum, whiskey, etc.) to the moisture core. The flavor is released into the Cigar Cork tube where it infuses the outer wrapper for a subtle, pleasant taste on your lips, and even greater smoking enjoyment. Slip a Tube or two in your pocket or bag to take and enjoy anywhere without worry! Includes liquid applicator. Tube holds cigars up to 7 inches long and 60 gauge ring size; also preserves and protects loose tobacco. Makes a great gift!

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