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Sleep Easily System
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Sleep Easily System

If You Suffer from Insomnia, Sleep Easily System Naturally Guides You Through 5 Triggers to Fall Asleep and Sleep More Deeply! Read More
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If you're one of the many people who struggle with insomnia, Sleep Easily is a medication-free sleep solution to help you finally fall asleep, get back to sleep and sleep more deeply! Developed by Dr. Richard Shane, a psychotherapist specializing in behavioral sleep therapy for over 25 years (who also suffered from severe insomnia), this soothing guidance creates a pathway to sleep through a form of cognitive-behavior therapy delivered through the mini audio player. And it works — an independent study showed 81.6% of the participants reported better sleep! Not hypnosis or meditation, simply place the Sleep Easily audio player beside your pillow. Your choice of soothing male or female voice gently guides you through a relaxation process, focusing on 5 specific physical triggers to naturally lull you into a deep sleep, usually in less than 25 minutes! Additional recordings help you sleep more deeply and stay asleep, reduce stress during the day, soothing Sleep Ocean Sounds, and The Sound of Rest — relaxation music composed exclusively for Sleep Easily. Includes soft Sleep Mask, premium silicone Ear Plugs and recharging cable.

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