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Smart Home Security Wi-Fi Leak Sensor
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Smart Home Security Wi-Fi Leak Sensor

For Peace of Mind Protection, Our Wi-Fi Home Security Leak Sensor Monitors from Anywhere — No Wiring Needed, and No Monthly Fees! Read More
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Years ago, our washing machine hose broke while we were at work, flooding the area on our second floor, leaking down through the ceiling into the kitchen below, ruining floors, walls and many of our cabinets. Needless to say the damage was extensive and incredibly expensive to repair! In addition to replacing the washer's rubber hoses with stainless ones, I now monitor our home and cabin up at the lake from anywhere in the world, and I didn't need to rewire or retrofit a thing! Smart Home Security products control and monitor everything wirelessly from an easy-to-use app on your mobile device or Windows PC, giving you peace of mind protection! Place it anywhere you suspect a leak may occur — near your washing machine, water heater, or basement floor. The Smart Home Leak Sensor will detect if a pipe bursts during an unexpected cold snap, or your basement starts flooding during a torrential rain storm. Small rubberized feet keep the Sensor's metal contacts slightly raised — when water passes under the Leak Sensor and touches the metal contacts it sends you an alert so you can take action before too much damage is done! Modular system allows you to add multiple sensors in different rooms, and create a floor plan of your tags in the app, so you immediately know where the alert is coming from. Use alone or as an add-on to our Smart Home Security System, along with our Outdoor Camera, Vibration Sensor and more. Also may be paired with the Wi-Fi Smart Outlet to set off a piercing integrated siren for added alerts when water is detected! Built in Wi-Fi sends notifications to your phone — no additional HUB or monthly monitoring fees required. Includes 2 AAA batteries — low energy consumption; alerts you when batteries are running low. Requires iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch® with IOS 8 or higher, or Android device with version 5.0 or higher, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router with an internet connection. Measures 2.8"x 1.5"x 1"; weighs 1.1 oz.

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