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Smart Pass HDTV 50 Mile Photo Frame Indoor Antenna
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Smart Pass HDTV 50 Mile Photo Frame Indoor Antenna

Cut the Cord and Watch Local and National TV Programming for Free With Our Smart Pass HDTV Photo Frame Indoor Antenna — No Monthly Fees or Subscriptions Needed! Read More
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Remember when TV was free? A little adjusting of the rabbit ears or a turn of the roof antenna's knob and all the major networks came in just fine, without an exorbitant cable bill every month! Now, for far less than I used to pay for one month of cable, I watch TV for free again! Unlike traditional ugly, bulky roof antennas, Smart Pass HDTV Photo Frame Indoor Antenna unobtrusively blends with your home's interior decor while providing an amplified signal range of 40 to 50 miles from point of origin. You'll receive free broadcast TV signals in High Definition such as ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox and more, with no monthly fees — simply plug into your TV, scan channels, and enjoy the show! Exclusive technology delivers superior reception with the flip of the Smart Switch — boosts weak signals when on, and prevents amplification overload on stronger signals when off. Built-in 4G LTE filter blocks all 3G and 4G signals from mobile devices and wireless networks for noise-free reception. And the sleek black frame beautifully displays a favorite 4"x 6" photo — perfect at home, the office and on the go too! Includes AC/DC power adapter, table bracket, optional wall mounting hardware, and 6' coaxial cable. Supports HDTV, 1080 TV, 4K Ultra High Definition (4K UHD); compatible with TV converter boxes. Frequency Range 87.5-230MHz, 470-700MHz; Gain w/Smart Pass Switch-ON: 25dB; Output Level 100dBuV Max; Noise Figure ≤3dB; Impedance 75ω Power Supply DC 5V via power adapter. Measures 8"x 6"x 3".

Please Note: Antenna effectiveness is influenced by the distance from signal origination point, station signal strength level, building construction, antenna positioning, reflections from nearby structures and any power consumption sources. The amount of free over-the-air channels you receive will vary by area and antenna selection; please check signal availability at

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