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Sovaro Cooler 45 QT
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Sovaro Cooler 45 QT

Free Standard Shipping!Introducing the Sovaro Cooler Collection — Unsurpassed Luxury and Unmatched Performance Keep Your Favorite Drinks Chilled to Perfection! Read More
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Last fall, I had the pleasure of visiting the stunning island of Santorini. Unbelievably, while perusing the charming shops and galleries on the cliffs of Oia, I ran into an old college friend — a small world indeed! He insisted my wife and I join him on his boat, anchored just offshore. After walking down hundreds of stairs, a small dingy brought us to his 'boat' (a modest reference to his yacht!). We relaxed on the sun deck, sipping a fruity Malagouzia wine our host kept refreshingly cold in an elegant cooler strategically positioned near our chairs. I took note of the understated, yet luxurious cooler, and was surprised to see numerous bottles of wine standing upright within the fully-lined, handsome cork interior, along with an attractive selection of hors d'oeuvres. With its combination of stunning style and innovative functionality (perfect for entertaining), I felt this might be a perfect product for our catalog! Sought for its natural beauty and timeless style, each cork liner is 100% unique, so no two Sovaro Coolers are identical. A natural insulator, cork resists temperatures up to 1,000 degrees, making it ideal to keep heat out and your favorite vintage or any beverage chilled to perfection. And unlike traditional foam insulation, cork won't break down over time, so you'll enjoy this cooler for years. Transparent inner liner reveals the cork's natural beauty as it protects it from the contents. Barrier between the cork and outer casing blocks up to 97% of radiant heat, while the sleek, high-impact polymer outer casing (made of the same material as bulletproof glass!) provides extreme protection from the elements and resists dents and scratches. Thoughtful design includes one touch latch, friction hinges (holds lid open) automotive-grade rubber gasket, transparent removable divider, comfort-grip side handles, telescoping travel handle, and two heavy-duty, luggage style wheels for unmatched mobility. Engineered to deliver superior performance, and even rugged enough to double as a comfortable seat! Premium models feature Black with Chrome hardware or White with Gold tone hardware. Includes durable storage cover. Interior measures 13.5" high (the number of standing wine bottles each size will hold is noted below). Each Cooler is designated with unique serial number. Made in USA.

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