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Sparkling Ultrasonic & Steam Jewelry Cleaner
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Sparkling Ultrasonic & Steam Jewelry Cleaner

Get Professional Quality Jewelry Cleaning at Home — Diamonds, Gold, Silver and Platinum Will Sparkle Like Never Before! Read More
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I never realized just how dirty jewelry can get until I brought my wife's wedding ring to the jewelers for resizing and they offered to clean it as well. What a difference! The diamond sparkled like the day I bought it and the luster of the gold band was renewed. Now you can keep your jewelry looking clean and new right at home — with the same cleaner used by professionals! Fill the top reservoir with regular tap water and add rings, necklaces, watch bands, earrings, etc. to the basket. Just press start, and ultrasonic sound waves are sent through the water at an astonishing 42,000 waves per second, causing millions of microscopic vacuum bubbles. The bubbles burst, gently removing the residue from dirt, body oil, makeup and fingerprints without damaging the underlying metal and stones. Then for more precise detail cleaning, use the safe and powerful 50 psi steam cleaner (tap water) to blast away anything left behind in hard to reach areas like small crevices in ring settings or chain links. Comes with tweezers and handheld mesh baskets for various sizes of jewelry to be steam cleaned. Produces steam in two minutes. Includes measuring fill cup. Plugs into AC. (Ultrasonic tank has 1 pint capacity and runs for a 6 minute timed cleaning cycle with automatic shut off.) 16" x 15" x 14". 11lbs.

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