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Standard Wooly Pillowcase
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Standard Wooly Pillowcase

Enjoy Year-Round Comfort and a Good Night's Rest With Our 100% Natural, Chemical Free Wooly Pillow Cases — Keep You Warm in Winter and Cool in Summer! Read More
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Rejuvenate your pillow and enjoy year-round comfort with the ultimate in natural wool and cotton — so soft and soothing, you'll sleep like a baby! Our quilted Wooly Pillowcase zips closed to keep you cool and comfortable with natural cotton sateen (300TC) filled with 100% washable wool — naturally hypoallergenic and chemical free. Blocks off gassing from synthetic pillow materials, and provides excellent moisture control. Won't harbor dust mites, and is mold/mildew resistant for a healthy, more restful night's sleep! Imported. Machine wash, dry on low or air dry. 5 year warranty. (20" x 26").

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