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Stormproof Match Kit
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Stormproof Match Kit

Get Fired Up, Even in the Pouring Rain, With Our Stormproof Matches! Read More
Item #: T664
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Be prepared for nasty weather, or just appreciate using good, sturdy matches for a change, with our Stormproof Match Kit. Quick to light even in driving rain, falling snow and heavy winds — incredibly both windproof and waterproof! These amazing matches will relight themselves even after being submerged in water or buried in the ground! Each kit includes 25 matches, 3 striker plates and a rugged, waterproof case that floats! Up to 15 second burn time per match — perfect for any outdoor needs, including lighting a fine cigar on a wet day! Recommended for outdoor use only. Case holds up to 40 matches. Matches measure 2.75" long; Kit weighs 1.7 oz.

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