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Straight Arm Swing Trainer (Women/Junior)
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Straight Arm Swing Trainer (Women/Junior)

Straight-Arm Your Swing to Achieve Consistency And Length You Never Thought Possible! Read More
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Watch the pros carefully and notice how even the smaller players achieve incredible distance off the tee. That's because they create a huge arc by keeping their left arms straight. So the clubhead accelerates at the end of a fully extended left arm for maximum leverage. It's the move that's hardest to master and that feels completely unnatural to most amateurs. Cinch Straight Arm over your left arm, and experience the correct feeling of a firm left arm. Allows you to take a complete swing, but forces you to turn your shoulders, rather than bending your left elbow, to get the club back. You'll lengthen your arc and pick up both clubhead speed and distance. By immobilizing a key source of trouble in the downswing (i.e. a loose left elbow), you'll also achieve a reliable return path to the ball. So erratic shots will decline as you develop machine-like consistency to your swing. Straight Arm may be used for range practice, or practice rounds, but not in USGA-sanctioned events. Fits RH and LH.

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