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Superleggera Wallet
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Superleggera Wallet

Superleggera Aluminum Wallet Gives Quick Access to Cards and Cash; Prevents Identity Theft! Read More
Item #: ES466
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2 or more $36.95 each

The Italian Superleggera, or Superlight, refers to the innovative construction technique pioneered by Carrozzeria Touring of Milan in the 1950's to create the lightweight Ferrari GT cars that dominated sports car racing in Europe. Our Superleggera Wallet uses thin aluminum extruded into a slim, sleek shell that slips into pocket or purse with ease. Seven expandable pockets fan open to display up to 10 cards for instant retrieval. Protects cards' embedded data chips and magnetic strips from stray electromagnetic radiation; prevents thieves from pilfering your identity by RFID scanning. (4.25" x 3" x .75", 2.5 oz.)

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