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Swing Trap
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Swing Trap

Hit It Longer and Eliminate that Slice! Learn the Correct Swing Path to Trap the Ball for Penetrating Flight! Read More
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There are endless different swing types on Tour, but all great players share a very similar swing trait at impact — they "trap" the ball, creating a divot in front of the ball. By creating a forward divot you ensure the ball is hitting the sweet spot of the club, allowing the club loft to naturally create trajectory. Swing Trap teaches you to attack the ball from the correct swing path, providing consistent contact right on the sweet spot. Simply place the ball in the center cutout and practice making a full swing without hitting the base. Don't worry if you do — the polycarbonate base is unbreakable no matter how chunky your swing! Once you get the hang of missing the base and creating a forward divot, add the alignment rods to work on swing plane. If you come "over the top" and typically slice the ball, you'll hit the back right and left front rods. If you come from too far inside and typically hook the ball, you'll hit the back left and front right rods. After 10-15 swings you'll stop seeing the alignment rods and start feeling the correct swing plane as you trap the ball and hit like the pros! Four alignment rods attach via Velcro base.

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