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Tempur-Pedic Men's Leather Scuff
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Tempur-Pedic Men's Leather Scuff

Melt Away the Pressures of Daily Life — Slip on a Pair of Comfy Tempur-Pedic Slippers for Blissful Relief! Read More
Item #: JS483

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Cradle your feet in Tempur-Pedic's thick-cushioned slippers for such blissful comfort, you won't want to take them off! Originally developed for NASA® to provide astronauts protection from the incredible G-forces experienced during lift-off, Tempur-Pedic has incorporated their unique TEMPUR® material into a lightweight slipper you'll love! TEMPUR® responds to your body's unique shape, weight and temperature — an extra thick layer is incorporated into each insole and forms to your foot for custom fit, a superior level of support and cloud-like cushioning! Features a rich leather upper with smooth fleece lining for cozy warmth and comfort, and a rugged, flexible indoor/outdoor sole — perfect for lounging around the house, or a quick trip to the mailbox! Imported.

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