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The Bank Teller
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The Bank Teller

Convert Spare Change into Spendable Cash! Read More
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At our house, we've got a small bucket on the kitchen counter that's always overflowing with everyone's loose change. I now realize we had literally hundreds of dollars languishing in the kitchen! That's because in just minutes, I fed the whole bucket through this ingenious coin counter.

Automatically counts and sorts coins directly into wrappers, so you can take the rolls right to the bank - important, since banks are too busy these days to count your coins for you! When you're done feeding in your piggy bank, Bank Teller also displays the exact dollar value of the coins counted. Sorts and counts over 300 U.S. quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies per minute. Comes with 8 coin tubes (may be used with or without wrappers) and 8 wrappers.

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