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The Vermont Collection Outdoor Weather Station
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The Vermont Collection Outdoor Weather Station

Fine Outdoor Weather Station Graces Your Home and Helps You Plan Your Day! Read More
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Inspired by historic weather instruments and timepieces that have graced traditional New England homes for years, the Vermont Collection masterfully combines precision and durability with distinctive elegance. Meticulously crafted and made to last a lifetime, these premium weather instruments add grace and charm to interior and exterior spaces alike. Desk Top Comfort Meter's color scale shows optimum range of temperature and humidity. The Outdoor Weather Station features a swivel arm mounting bracket for adjustable viewing. Both models feature easy-to-read dials protected by a non-yellowing crystal with temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius, and relative humidity. Solid brass or copper construction naturally ages to a mellow patina — resistant to corrosion, fading, flaking and rust-free. Fourth generation state-of-the-art coil mechanism measures temperature more accurately across a wider range so you have the information you need with just a quick glance! Dial measures 4" diameter. Lifetime warranty.

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