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The Weapon with Turf Surfer Sole
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The Weapon with Turf Surfer Sole

Add The Weapon to Your Arsenal, and Hit Chips Closer, With No Skulled Shots! Read More
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If a 7-iron were meant for chipping, it wouldn't be so long, and the lie would be more upright. Instead, wield The Weapon! With a 36° loft, low center-of-gravity, and upright lie, the Weapon lifts your ball gently onto the green with plenty of roll. Game changing technology includes an oversized, heavy (391 grams) head that hits right through the ball virtually by itself — it's the highest moment of inertia and most forgiving greenside club made. Patented Turf Surfer, wide thick Sole glides right through thick fringe and wiry rough without digging in — so you just can't hit it fat!

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