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Thermal Circulation Slippers
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Thermal Circulation Slippers

Enjoy Soothing Relief from Painful, Cold-Sensitive Feet — Thermal Circulation Slippers Increase Blood Flow With Heat Therapy and Light Compression! Read More
Item #: WS101
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If you suffer from diabetes, arthritic pain, Raynaud's syndrome, or cold or sensitive feet, Thermal Circulation Slippers may bring you sweet relief! Made with 3 therapeutic layers, the exclusive Trioxon® lining combines compression, support and naturally generated body heat for pain relief. The soft, comfortable inner layer wicks away moisture, allowing the skin to remain well-oxygenated and comfortable for extended periods — crucial for diabetics. Middle layer is clinically proven to increase skin and muscle temperature for effective relief from the pain and stiffness of arthritis. And the outer layer delivers light but firm compression to increase blood flow and counteract tissue swelling. Dual pull-up tabs help you slip them on, while flat seams relieve pressure points and protect sensitive feet. Soft, breathable stretch strip assists airflow while retaining heat, and the rubberized non-slip sole ensures secure footing. Ideal to wear around the house or while sleeping to keep your feet warm and comfortable! Unisex Sizes. Imported. Does not contain Latex.

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