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Thermal Fleece Face Mask
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Thermal Fleece Face Mask

Enjoy the Great Outdoors Longer — Heat-Exchanging Face Mask Keeps You Warmer and Drier, With No Sogginess Next to Your Skin! Read More
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I don't care if you're skiing, snowmobiling, or just running — when temperatures dip below 30°, it's no fun, and it's certainly not healthy, without a face mask. Our ingenious Thermal Face Mask actually captures your own body heat as you exhale, then warms incoming cold air as you inhale! The key is a patented, lightweight thermal conversion module that extends comfortably away from your nose and mouth, capturing and then releasing heat from your breath, warming incoming icy air by up to 60°! Instead of soggy fabric freezing to your lips, the flexible module (made of soft, durable microbial resistant, medical grade polyurethane) actually gives you breathing room. An interior valve lets you quickly adjust the air intake to keep frigid winds out, while allowing moisture to escape for warmth without wetness. Warm Fleece Mask covers ears, face and neck as it wicks away moisture so skin stays dry. Contoured, low profile fits beneath goggles to prevent fogging — works great with a helmet! Adjustable nose piece and generous hook and loop fastening in back ensure a customized, comfortable fit. Avoid the potentially lethal cardiac effects of breathing bitter cold air — breathe the perfect balance of warmth and humidity instead, and enjoy the great outdoors longer! Black Fleece. One size fits all. Imported.

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