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Think-On-Your-Feet Deluxe Work Table
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Think-On-Your-Feet Deluxe Work Table

Stand Up Advice for Maintaining Your Health. Read More
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It's a sad truth, but today's typical desk job is contributing to a sedentary lifestyle that's having an alarming effect on our health. Skype, e-mail, phones, IM and text have literally made it possible to put in a productive 8-hour workday without ever leaving your seat. But sitting all day, day after day, can take a real toll on your health. And for starters, sitting increases the pressure on your intervertebral discs by an astounding 40% when compared to standing! The result is chronic and debilitating back pain. That's why I made the switch to the Think-On-Your-Feet Deluxe Work Table. The smooth pneumatic lift allows me to silently adjust heights from 28" to 41" with just one hand; and to alternate between sitting and standing with no loss in productivity. Standing makes me feel more alert, focused and energized - reducing back and neck pain as I engage more muscles than when sitting. Plus, I'm burning more calories! 37.5" x 20.5" work surface and 22" wide under table drawer keeps all essential accessories close at hand. Wide angle base provides rock solid stability with ample room for legs and feet; includes dual casters for easy mobility. 42 lbs.

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