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Thompson of London Men's Beaded Bracelet
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Thompson of London Men's Beaded Bracelet

For the Man of Distinction — Thompson of London's Understated Beaded Bracelet Adds a Dash of Contemporary Style! Read More
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I found these handsome bracelets on my last trip across the pond — just the thing to put some spark into my same-old-look! Inspired by his passion for art, fashion and travel, founder and designer Ariel Thompson creates distinctive men's accessories that are both classic and contemporary. The Beaded Bracelet uniquely combines hand carved semiprecious stones and gunmetal tire-like beads — an innovative complement to your stylish look. Durable, double-strand elastic stretches for easy on/off, ensuring a comfortably snug fit. Includes soft drawstring pouch with Thompson of London logo. Made in Great Britain.

Tiger Eye — Part of the Quartz group, brown iron gives the stone its golden yellow color; produces a shine reminiscent of a cat's eye.
Labradorite — Named after Labrador, where it was first discovered; iridescent colors change with angle of light.
Sodalite — Refers to sodium content within; comes in many variations of blue.
Black Agate — Formed from crystallization of volcanic rock.
Blue Goldstone — Invented in Venice during the 17th century. A glass infused with copper particles, the addition of cobalt, manganese or chromium result in deep, lustrous shimmer.

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