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Timberland Men's Telluride Boot
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Timberland Men's Telluride Boot

Timberland's Rugged Telluride Boots Feature Exclusive Anti-Fatigue Footbed for All-Day Comfort and Support! Read More
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Telluride was founded in the mid-1870s by gold and silver miners seeking their fortunes within the steep cliffs of Colorado's San Juan Mountains. Timberland's Telluride Boot embodies that same rugged spirit in a lightweight, flexible design that moves with your foot so it feels more like a running shoe than a boot! Featuring exclusive anti-fatigue technology built into the midsole and cushioned removable footbed — provides unheard of standing comfort, shock absorption, and coil-spring-like energy return with each stride! GripStick™ Rubber outsole gives you mountain-goat grip on uneven terrain. Soft, breathable mesh lining keeps feet dry and comfortable. Boot features premium water resistant full-grain leather upper — takes a beating and only improves with age! Imported.

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