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Time-Is-On-Your-Side Memory Foam Pillow
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Time-Is-On-Your-Side Memory Foam Pillow

Memory Foam Pillow: Sleep on Your Side Like a Rock — Without the Shoulder Pain And Neck Numbness Caused by Ordinary Pillows. Read More
Item #: WS377
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When you sleep on your side, your shoulder raises your spine higher off the bed, leaving your head and neck dangling at an awkward angle. With our Time-Is-On-Your-Side Pillow, you'll sleep more soundly than ever — with no tossing and turning. You'll wake up thoroughly refreshed, with no neck stiffness or pain whatsoever. Sensitive to both body weight and temperature, memory foam adjusts to your face, head, and neck contours, minimizing sleep-interrupting pressure points. In addition, a 12° canted cradle supports your head and neck, aligning them perfectly with your spine. Also takes the pressure off your shoulder, increasing blood flow to your arms! An indented area gently supports your face while reducing pressure on the jaw and ears. Lastly, left and right airway channels improve breathing to each side. You'll finally achieve deep, restful sleep in an orthopedically correct, side-sleeping posture that leaves you pain free! Includes soft, non-allergenic cover; also fits standard pillow case.

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