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Tranquileyes XL
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Tranquileyes XL

Get Soothing, Long-Lasting Relief From Dry, Scratchy, Irritated Eyes — With Tranquileyes. Read More
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In today's computer-based, digital device-driven society, we stare at screens (computers, iPhones, iPads, TVs) for more than 8.5 hours each day — so our eyes are under constant duress. Extreme winter weather swings, and drafts of dry air, take a toll as well. We treat our skin and our hair to prevent dryness, and we humidify our homes, but ironically our eyes — the two things we depend on more than anything else — tend to be an afterthought. Tranquileyes soothe and relieve dry, scratchy, irritated eyes — naturally, and in just minutes. The softly padded Tranquileyes goggle completely seals eyes from drafts and light, while creating your choice of a moist heat or cold therapeutic environment. Moist heat has been clinically proven to stimulate the eye's ability to lubricate itself and maintain a healthy state longer, while Cold therapy helps to reduce the itchiness, puffiness and dark circles brought on by allergies and irritation. Standard model's slimmer profile allows use even while sleeping; XL model's larger size allows therapies of greater intensity. Includes replaceable gel packs good for 60 heat/unlimited cold treatments.

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