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Trash Away
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Trash Away

Keep Car Trash in Its Place, and Resale Values High — A Welcome Solution for Active Families! Read More
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If you have kids, you know how hectic family schedules can be. Between soccer games, dance recitals, volunteer work and the occasional camping trip it seems family time has become synonymous with travel time. So keeping your car's interior protected, organized and looking new can be a real challenge. But Trash Away can help you regain control of your vehicle and protect its resale value! Just place Trash Away in a convenient spot on the floor. Attaches securely to carpet, so you have a handy place to toss fast food bags, tissues, candy wrappers and soda cans! Rugged nylon construction holds up to life on the road. Even half-full lattes can go inside the sealed waterproof vinyl interior, without leaking. Can be sponged off or rinsed out to clean.

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