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Cardiff Skates
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Cardiff Skates

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Cardiff Skate Co.Strap these stable 3-wheeler skates right onto your favorite flat shoes and you're ready to cruise to work, school or just have fun! California's Cardiff Skate Company spent years working with European engineers and American designers, testing and perfecting their innovative design that combines the convenience of strap-style roller skates with the performance of rollerblades! Fun for all experience levels, the unique wheel configuration gives superior maneuverability while ensuring better balance. Custom fit is achieved with the push of a button as the patented, spring-loaded ASA™ (Automatic Size Adjustment) accommodates any flat shoe (we recommend wearing lace ups). Ratchet buckle on durable cushioned EVA foam strap (similar to ski boots) ensures a secure, snug fit. Utilizing premium inline skate wheels for maximum performance and wear, the fourth wheel is used exclusively for braking. Simply lift your toes up to engage the heel brake on either foot — stable and convenient, it's one of the most effective braking systems ever offered on a skate platform! Cruise around in comfort, then release the strap and slip off the skates to continue on foot, quickly and easily. No need to worry about changing shoes, locking your bike, or searching for parking! Adjustable size allows you to share them with other family members or friends, but you'll love these so much, you may not want to! Anodized aluminum rails and brakes, 100mm/85A side wheels and 90mm/85A front and brake wheels, ABEC 5 chrome bearings, aluminum spacers. Adjustable to fit Boys size 4 to Men's size 13, Women's size 5.5-14. Proportionately designed for men, women and youth (8 years and older); recommended maximum weight: 250lbs. Skates weigh 7 lbs.

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