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UGG Sheepskin Earmuff w/Built-in Earphones
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UGG Sheepskin Earmuff w/Built-in Earphones

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful, but UGG® Shearling Earmuffs with Built-in Headphones are So Delightful! Read More
Item #: CS795
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We are sorry, but this product is no longer available.
UGG selects its finest-grade, 100% Shearling Sheepskin to create the warmest earmuffs you can give! Suede side out for an impenetrable wind and cold barrier. And a lush and plush cushion of thick shearling rests cozily against your ears for sheer, self-indulgent luxury — and blizzard-defying warmth! Built-in headphones and detachable 3.5mm cord and microphone connects with all phones so you'll enjoy your tunes and still stay warm. Comes in a stylish gift/storage box, perfect for giving! One size fits all. Imported. This product contains real fur from sheep or lamb originatingin Australia, UK, Ireland, or the United States. The fur has been artificially dyed and treated.

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