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Ultra Light LED Clip Light
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Ultra Light LED Clip Light

Shine a Light Precisely Where You Need It, With the Ultra Light That Clips to Your Glasses Or Hat, Giving You Bat Vision at Night! Read More
Item #: TS113
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Yes, it's kind of cute. But Ultra Light's no toy. In fact, it's made by the leading manufacturer of precision medical headlamps for surgeons and dentists. So the powerful beam passes through a surgical-grade lens that gathers and intensifies the light into a brilliant beacon so powerful you can see 35-40 feet ahead while walking at night. LED never needs replacing like fragile bulbs. Swivels both up and down and left to right for exacting close-up work. Two tiny, inexpensive lithium cells give 80-100 hours use per set. Clips right to your glasses for detail work!

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