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ULU Women's Juneau Shearling Boots
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ULU Women's Juneau Shearling Boots

For Women — The Warmth and Coziness Of Real Sheepskin Lined ULU Boots Means You'll Never Have Cold Feet Again! Read More
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For millennia, Eskimos lived from the land, creating practical, innovative tools from all nature offered. The foremost was their main cutting tool, the Alaska ulu knife — part of Eskimo culture for over 3,000 years, and still widely used today! Inspired by the rugged, natural beauty of the polar region, and named after this traditional handcrafted U-shaped knife, every pair of ULU boots are carefully crafted from the finest natural materials to provide all day comfort and support! The perfect balance of style and function, the versatile Juneau Boot's soft, water-resistant natural pebble-grain leather upper features a 'slouched' shaft, elk skin heel counter, woven leather piping and versatile lacing system for a distinctly stylish look. Slip them on and envelop your feet in the cozy warmth of a thick blanket of New Zealand's best 100% Merino wool shearling — prized for its long, cashmere-like fibers and superior insulating ability. This springy fleece cushions every step while wicking away moisture and allowing feet to breathe. Anatomically correct footbed, shock absorbing EVA midsole, and dual-density rubber outsole provides a lightweight, athletic-shoe fit with unparalleled, all-weather traction and comfort! Women's whole sizes — half sizes please order up. This product contains real fur from sheep or lamb originating in New Zealand. Imported.

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