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ViscoSpot Heel Inserts
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ViscoSpot Heel Inserts

ViscoSpot Heel Inserts Help Fight Excruciating Heel Pain Better Than Costly, Custom-Made Orthotics. Read More
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I don't know how I did it, but one morning I took a single step out of bed and nearly collapsed. Pain shot through my heel like fire — I literally had to hold onto the wall to limp to the bathroom. Finally I went to the doctor and learned about plantar fasciitis. I also learned that custom orthotics cost a lot, and didn't help me a bit!

The soft connective tissue known as your plantar fascia stretches from the ball of your foot to the heel. Strain it, and you'll experience the same searing pain I felt. And it can take up to a year to heal itself! Or you can hasten the process with ViscoSpot and a few simple stretching exercises. A just-completed study by the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society named Bauerfeind's ViscoSpot as the most effective treatment, even compared to costly custom arch supports. Dual-density, medical-grade silicone reduces shock loads to the heel. A softer, blue silicone spot on the medial side of the heel cushions the precise area where plantar fasciitis pain occurs. The extra height gently lifts the plantar fascia and decreases stress on the tendon. In just days, the improvement was remarkable. Within two weeks, the pain that had persisted for months had completely disappeared. So I can finally get out of bed in the morning without stabbing heel pain — thanks to ViscoSpot! Won't absorb odors.

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