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Vornado Humidifier Replacement Mineral Cartridge
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Vornado Humidifier Replacement Mineral Cartridge

Replacement Mineral Cartridge For Vornado Ultrasonic Vortex Humidifier. Read More
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Reduce lime and calcium buildup in your Vornado Humidifier, and keep "white dust" off your furniture and walls by replacing the mineral cartridge as needed. Ordinary tap water is often full of lime, calcium and a host of other minerals. When this water is vaporized, "white dust" can form and show up on your walls, floors and furniture. The Vornado Mineral Cartridge is specifically designed for use in your Vornado Ultrasonic Humidifier and contains a special blend of water softening minerals that reduces lime and calcium buildup. Completely odorless, this filter scrubs your water clean, reducing harmful mineral buildup on the Transducer and extending the life of your humidifier! Many factors affect the frequency in which the Cartridge will need to be replaced, including amount of use, water hardness, and outside environmental factors. For heavy use (using the unit continuously), we recommend replacing the Cartridge approximately once a month. For lighter use, using the unit intermittently, we recommend replacing the Cartridge every two months.

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